Explosion-proof LED Lightings HLBD05


Zone 1 and Zone 2
Zone 21 and Zone 22
Meet the necessities in the following industries, such as petroleum, chemical, electricity, medicine, textile, wine-making, aerospace, military, fire-fighting, etc.

Features and benefits:

◆Explosion protection to
◆ Applicable lamp and power(max.120W)
LED lamps,energy-saving and long service life
20W,25W,30W, 45W,50W, 60W,70W,85W,100W,120W
◆ Four enclosure types:30,60,70,120
◆ Isolated LED lamp compartment,CC-CV(constant current-constant voltage)
power controller compartment,terminal compartment;wind-convection heat
dissipation structure.

Catalogue number logic

Dimension drawings

Mounting type (HLBD05)

Explosion Diagram

Technical data

Exposion-proof LED lightings HLBD05-Series

   Explosion protection 
     Gas explosion protection             II2 G Ex d(e)  IIC T6/T5 Gb
     Dust explosion protection             II2 D Ex tb IIΙC T80℃/T95℃ Db ΙP66
   Conformity to standards    EN 60079-0:2012, EN60079-1:2007, (EN60079-7:2007), EN60079-31:2009
     IEC 60079-0:2011, IEC60079-1:2007, (IEC60079-7:2006), IEC60079-31:2008
     Enclosure    Copper-free aluminium,powder coated surface,gray-white with mental lines
     Transparent cover    Toughened glass,stands 4J impact
     Power controller  Wide voltage input,CC-CV(constant current-constant voltage)output,power factor≥0.98,with function of distributed current,constantcurrent,surge-proof and antielectromagnetic interference, and protection against overcurrent,open circuit,and short circuit
    Exposed fastener   Stainless steel
      Lamp specification    CREE plural white LED modules
      Lamp power(W)    20W,25W,30W
  Rated voltage  187~265V AC 50/60Hz
  Earthing protection                M5 (internal & external earth bolts)
  Degree of protection   IP66
  Ambient temperature   -40℃~+55℃:T5/95℃; -40℃~+40℃:T6/T80℃
  Terminal                                                                 3×1.5~2.5mm2(L+N+PE)
  Mounting Cable entries    G3/4 or M25×1.5 (Pendant pole type)
  4×G3/4 or M25×1.5 (Ceiling  type)
  2×G3/4 or M25×1.5 (Wall type)
  4×G3/4 or M25×1.5 (Pendant chain type  )
  2×G3/4 or M25×1.5 (Pendant chain type  )
  Cable gland   See Mounting Accessories and Spare Parts Table
  Applicable cable outer diameter    φ10~φ14(mm)

Mounting type (HLBD05) (all dimension in mm) - subject to alteration

HLBD05-3020, 25, 30273230218283240357314319276283326309311
HLBD05-6045, 50, 60290242248300252374326336288295343325328
HLBD05-12085, 100, 120320269300331280404353366315322373361361

Mounting accessories and spare parts table (for HLBD05-Series)

Supplied according to the mounting type
      Mounting type    Accessories
 NameQty      Illutration
      T:Projecting type      (1) Small mounting bracket1      Carbon steel
       (2) Big mounting bracket1      Carbon steel
      X:Ceiling type        (3) Ceiling junction box1      Copper-free aluminium (Exd ⅡC)
      B: Wall type       (4) Wall type junction box1      Copper-free aluminium (Exd ⅡC)
       (5) Wall bracket1      Carbon steel
      G: Pendant pole type       (6) BGJ Explosion-proof connector1      G3/4(M)/M25×1.5 Carbon steel
       (7) Straight pipe(M25×1.5)1      Length:300mm
       (8) Pendant junction box1      Copper-free aluminium (Exd ⅡC)
       (9) Pendant junction box mounting base1      Carbon steel
      D1:Pendant chain type      (10) Chain1      Length:450mm
      D2:Pendant chain type    (11) Ceiling bracket1      Carbon steel
      F1:Flange type      (12) Flange rod1      G11/4 Carbon steel
      F2:Flange type                              (13) 90°flange joint1      Copper-free aluminium(ExeⅡ)
     (14) 25°flange joint1      Copper-free aluminium(ExeⅡ)
      h1: Fence type        (15) Fence rod1      G11/4 Carbon steel
      h2: Fence type      (16) BGJ Explosion-proof connector1      G3/4(M)/M25×1.5 Carbon steel
     (17) AH-B/G3/4C1      Copper-free aluminium (ExdⅡC)