Installation Equipments Terminal Boxes HLBH02-Series Terminal Boxes

Applicable scope

Zone 0 , Zone 1 and Zone 2
Zone 21 and Zone 22
Meet the necessities in the following industries, such as petroleum, chemical, electricity, medicine, textile, wine-making, aerospace, military, fire-fighting, etc.

Features and benefits

◆ Explosion protection to
◆ Stainless steel enclosure.
◆ Weidmuller SAK EN series terminals,Phoenix UK series terminals.

Catalogue number logic

Technical data

Terminal boxes HLBH02-Series
   Explosion protection 
      Gas explosion protection            II2 G Ex e IIC T6 or T5 Gb                     II1 G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga
      Dust explosion protection            II2 D Ex tb IIΙC T80℃ Db ΙP66
   Conformity to standards   EN 60079-0:2012, EN 60079-7:2007, EN 60079-11:2012, EN 60079-31:2009
   IEC 60079-0:2011, IEC 60079-7:2006, IEC 60079-11:2011, IEC 60079-31:2008
   Enclosure material   Stainless steel
   Terminal   Weidmuller SAK EN series
   Phoenix UK series
   Ex-mark:           II2 GD Ex e II
   Exposed fastener   Stainless steel
   Rated voltage   Max.690VAC
   Rated current   Cross section2.5mm2  4mm26mm210mm2  16mm2  35mm2
   Ex e Rated current24A32A41A57A76A125A
   Ex ia Rated current5A5A----
   Degree of protection   IP66
   Ambient temperature   For increased safety terminal box:T6 for Tamb:-40℃~+40℃; T5 for Tamb:-40℃~+55℃
   For intrinsic safety terminal box:T6 for Tamb:-40℃~+55℃
    Note125A on request. height=26 width=678 style="color:#000000;font-size:11.0pt;font-weight:400;font-style:normal;text-decoration:none;text-align:left;vertical-align:middle;white-space:normal;border-left: .5pt solid #000000;border-right: .5pt solid #000000;border-top: .5pt solid #000000;border-bottom: .5pt solid #000000;mso-protection:locked visible;height:19.50pt;width:508.50pt;">   1. Ex e  Rated current > 125A on request.
   2. No cable entries for standard design. Cable entries shall be drilled by user.
   3. For cable entries:
       1) Please specify the direction and size of each cable entry.
       2) Cable gland is optional.

Dimension drawings(all dimensions in mm)-subject to alteration

Selection table of HLBH02-Series terminal boxes

Max. cross section of cable connected to terminals is 35mm2,See table for max. number of fitted terminals.
Outline Mounting rail×teminals(Specification and quantities)Ways of outletTable of max. number of possible enclosure entries with cable glands BDM-7
 UK3NUK5NUK6NUK10NUK16NUK35N M16M20M25M32M40M50M63

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